Immigration Records of Argentina

Trace your genealogy finding the arrival of your ancestors

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WASSARAM Immigration RecordW265
WASSAUF Immigration RecordW210
WASSE Immigration RecordW200
WASSEL Immigration RecordW240
WASSELL Immigration RecordW240
WASSELON Immigration RecordW245
WASSELY Immigration RecordW240
WASSEMBERG Immigration RecordW251
WASSEN Immigration RecordW250
WASSEN BALE Immigration RecordW251
WASSENAAR Immigration RecordW256
WASSENBEVY Immigration RecordW251
WASSENMAN Immigration RecordW255
WASSENNANN Immigration RecordW255
WASSER Immigration RecordW260
WASSER DE SCHADE Immigration RecordW263
WASSER SZPRUNG Immigration RecordW262
WASSERBLAY Immigration RecordW261
WASSERFALL Immigration RecordW261
WASSERFALLEY Immigration RecordW261
WASSERFUHRER Immigration RecordW261
WASSERGOLD Immigration RecordW262
WASSERGOLOL Immigration RecordW262
WASSERGOLZ Immigration RecordW262
WASSERGOTZ Immigration RecordW262
WASSERKAMPF Immigration RecordW262
WASSERKRUG Immigration RecordW262
WASSERLAUF Immigration RecordW264
WASSERLOOS Immigration RecordW264
WASSERLOSS Immigration RecordW264
WASSERMAM Immigration RecordW265
WASSERMAN Immigration RecordW265
WASSERMAN BOLKOSZ Immigration RecordW265
WASSERMAN DE ZANOLIN Immigration RecordW265
WASSERMANN Immigration RecordW265
WASSERMENN Immigration RecordW265
WASSERMRM Immigration RecordW265
WASSERNANN Immigration RecordW265
WASSERSTEIN Immigration RecordW262
WASSERSZTEIN Immigration RecordW262
WASSERTHEIWER Immigration RecordW263
WASSERTRAGER Immigration RecordW263
WASSERVOGEL Immigration RecordW261
WASSERZUG Immigration RecordW262
WASSET Immigration RecordW230
WASSEUF ALI DAEUD Immigration RecordW214
WASSHO Immigration RecordW200
WASSIAMAL Immigration RecordW254
WASSIF Immigration RecordW210
WASSIL Immigration RecordW240
WASSILEFF Immigration RecordW241
WASSILI Immigration RecordW240
WASSILIEW Immigration RecordW240
WASSILIOS Immigration RecordW242
WASSILIWASCKY Immigration RecordW242
WASSILJEFF Immigration RecordW242
WASSILKOFF Immigration RecordW242
WASSILY Immigration RecordW240
WASSILY LITWINZEFF Immigration RecordW244
WASSILYENA Immigration RecordW245
WASSIMAN Immigration RecordW255
WASSINER Immigration RecordW256
WASSINGER Immigration RecordW252
WASSINGTON Immigration RecordW252
WASSIRY Immigration RecordW260
WASSITSCH Immigration RecordW232
WASSKLIEWICZ Immigration RecordW242
WASSLANFE Immigration RecordW245
WASSLE Immigration RecordW240
WASSMANN Immigration RecordW255
WASSMANN DE WEISS Immigration RecordW255
WASSMER Immigration RecordW256
WASSNER Immigration RecordW256
WASSNF Immigration RecordW251
WASSOM Immigration RecordW250
WASSON Immigration RecordW250
WASSONF Immigration RecordW251
WASSONJ Immigration RecordW252
WASSOOF Immigration RecordW210
WASSOU Immigration RecordW200
WASSOUF Immigration RecordW210
WASSOUF KHALIL Immigration RecordW212
WASSOUF MAHMOUD Immigration RecordW215
WASSOUFF Immigration RecordW210
WASSOUT Immigration RecordW230
WASSRERMAN Immigration RecordW266
WASSTEFF Immigration RecordW231
WASSUT Immigration RecordW230
WASSYL Immigration RecordW240
WAST Immigration RecordW230
WASTA Immigration RecordW230
WASTAJASZEN Immigration RecordW232
WASTANIAN Immigration RecordW235
WASTANIAZ Immigration RecordW235
WASTARI Immigration RecordW236
WASTASI Immigration RecordW232
WASTBORG Immigration RecordW231
WASTELEIN Immigration RecordW234
WASTELIG Immigration RecordW234
WASTELLA Immigration RecordW234
WASTELSKI DE MAYER Immigration RecordW234
WASTER Immigration RecordW236
WASTERNAK Immigration RecordW236
WASTERNER Immigration RecordW236
WASTFELT Immigration RecordW231
WASTIANO Immigration RecordW235
WASTINE Immigration RecordW235
WASTL Immigration RecordW234
WASTOCKI Immigration RecordW232
WASTON Immigration RecordW235
WASTONSKY Immigration RecordW235
WASTRANIEC Immigration RecordW236
WASTRASSO Immigration RecordW236
WASTYN Immigration RecordW235
WASUM Immigration RecordW250
WASUS Immigration RecordW220
WASVIN Immigration RecordW215
WASYE Immigration RecordW200
WASYHIKOW Immigration RecordW220
WASYHINO Immigration RecordW250
WASYL Immigration RecordW240
WASYLAK Immigration RecordW242
WASYLASZUK Immigration RecordW242
WASYLAW Immigration RecordW240
WASYLCIW Immigration RecordW242
WASYLCZUK Immigration RecordW242
WASYLCZYK Immigration RecordW242
WASYLCZYSZYN Immigration RecordW242
WASYLECKI Immigration RecordW242
WASYLECZKO Immigration RecordW242
WASYLEIVER Immigration RecordW241
WASYLENCZUK Immigration RecordW245
WASYLENKINO Immigration RecordW245
WASYLENKO Immigration RecordW245
WASYLEW Immigration RecordW240
WASYLEWICZ Immigration RecordW242
WASYLEWSKI Immigration RecordW242
WASYLEZUK Immigration RecordW242
WASYLIAZYN Immigration RecordW242
WASYLIK Immigration RecordW242
WASYLIKOW Immigration RecordW242
WASYLIN Immigration RecordW245
WASYLISZKI Immigration RecordW242
WASYLISZYN Immigration RecordW242
WASYLIUK Immigration RecordW242
WASYLIW Immigration RecordW240
WASYLJEB Immigration RecordW242
WASYLKIEWICZ Immigration RecordW242
WASYLKIW Immigration RecordW242
WASYLKOW Immigration RecordW242
WASYLKOWSKI Immigration RecordW242
WASYLLYSZYN Immigration RecordW242
WASYLO Immigration RecordW240
WASYLOCHA Immigration RecordW242
WASYLON Immigration RecordW245
WASYLOW Immigration RecordW240
WASYLOZUK Immigration RecordW242
WASYLSZN Immigration RecordW242
WASYLUK Immigration RecordW242
WASYLUK PRADOK Immigration RecordW242
WASYLUNIAK Immigration RecordW245
WASYLYCIA Immigration RecordW242
WASYLYCZYN Immigration RecordW242
WASYLYK Immigration RecordW242
WASYLYKA Immigration RecordW242
WASYLYKU Immigration RecordW242
WASYLYNA Immigration RecordW245
WASYLYSJN Immigration RecordW242
WASYLYSZYN Immigration RecordW242
WASYNIEC Immigration RecordW252
WASYNIEWSKY Immigration RecordW252
WASYNIUK Immigration RecordW252
WASYTIK Immigration RecordW232
WASYTYDZYN Immigration RecordW233
WASYTYK Immigration RecordW232
WASYTYSZYN Immigration RecordW232
WASYUK Immigration RecordW220
WASZAJ Immigration RecordW220
WASZAK Immigration RecordW220
WASZC Immigration RecordW200
WASZCUZUK Immigration RecordW222
WASZCZELUK Immigration RecordW242
WASZCZENIUK Immigration RecordW252
WASZCZNK Immigration RecordW252
WASZCZRIK Immigration RecordW262
WASZCZUK Immigration RecordW220
WASZCZYLO Immigration RecordW240
WASZCZYLOEICZ Immigration RecordW242
WASZCZYSZYN Immigration RecordW225
WASZEWSKI Immigration RecordW220
WASZEWSKY Immigration RecordW220
WASZILVOZNN Immigration RecordW241
WASZKELIS Immigration RecordW242
WASZKIELEVICZ Immigration RecordW241
WASZKIERWICZ Immigration RecordW262
WASZKIEWICZ Immigration RecordW220
WASZKINIEL Immigration RecordW254
WASZKO Immigration RecordW200
WASZKOWITZER Immigration RecordW232
WASZUK Immigration RecordW220
WASZYSZYN Immigration RecordW225
WATACH Immigration RecordW320
WATAJ Immigration RecordW320
WATAMAN Immigration RecordW355
WATAMANIUK Immigration RecordW355
WATANABE Immigration RecordW351
WATANABO Immigration RecordW351
WATANADE Immigration RecordW353
WATANEN Immigration RecordW355
WATANOBE Immigration RecordW351
WATBEVALE Immigration RecordW311
WATCH Immigration RecordW320
WATCHAM Immigration RecordW325
WATCHON Immigration RecordW325
WATCON BELL Immigration RecordW325
WATEK Immigration RecordW320
WATEL Immigration RecordW340
WATEMAN Immigration RecordW355
WATENSZTEJN Immigration RecordW352
WATEPT Immigration RecordW313
WATER Immigration RecordW360
WATERBOR Immigration RecordW361
WATERBURY Immigration RecordW361
WATERDRINKER Immigration RecordW363
WATERHAUSE Immigration RecordW362
WATERHOUSE Immigration RecordW362
WATERHOUSH Immigration RecordW362
WATERING Immigration RecordW365
WATERLOOS Immigration RecordW364
WATERLOSS Immigration RecordW364
WATERLOT Immigration RecordW364
WATERMAN Immigration RecordW365
WATERMANN Immigration RecordW365
WATERMAYER Immigration RecordW365
WATERMEYER Immigration RecordW365
WATERS Immigration RecordW362
WATERS DE SCHEELEN Immigration RecordW362
WATERSCHOOT Immigration RecordW362
WATERSCON Immigration RecordW362
WATERSON Immigration RecordW362
WATERSONE Immigration RecordW362
WATFAH Immigration RecordW310
WATFE Immigration RecordW310
WATGE Immigration RecordW320
WATH Immigration RecordW300
WATHA Immigration RecordW300
WATHAM Immigration RecordW350
WATHAN Immigration RecordW350
WATHARINA Immigration RecordW365
WATHELET Immigration RecordW343
WATHELET FILIPPINI Immigration RecordW343
WATHENS Immigration RecordW352
WATHER Immigration RecordW360
WATHERMANN Immigration RecordW365
WATHERS Immigration RecordW362
WATHETET Immigration RecordW333
WATHEUBACH Immigration RecordW312
WATHEY Immigration RecordW300
WATHIEU Immigration RecordW300
WATHINS Immigration RecordW352
WATHMEILLER Immigration RecordW354
WATICH Immigration RecordW320
WATIER Immigration RecordW360
WATIN Immigration RecordW350
WATIN SAINGEORGES Immigration RecordW352
WATINNE Immigration RecordW350
WATION Immigration RecordW350
WATISPIEL Immigration RecordW321
WATJEN Immigration RecordW325
WATJEU Immigration RecordW320
WATK (INCOMP) Immigration RecordW325
WATKEL Immigration RecordW324
WATKIEWICZ Immigration RecordW322
WATKIN Immigration RecordW325
WATKINGS Immigration RecordW325
WATKINS Immigration RecordW325
WATKINS GASHAM Immigration RecordW325
WATKINSHAW Immigration RecordW325
WATKINSON Immigration RecordW325
WATKOWICZ Immigration RecordW322
WATLE Immigration RecordW340
WATLEY Immigration RecordW340
WATLING Immigration RecordW345
WATLINGTON Immigration RecordW345
WATMAN Immigration RecordW355
WATMANN Immigration RecordW355
WATMORE Immigration RecordW356
WATMOUGH Immigration RecordW352
WATMOUGHT Immigration RecordW352
WATNE Immigration RecordW350
WATNEY Immigration RecordW350
WATNICK Immigration RecordW352
WATNIK Immigration RecordW352
WATNORE Immigration RecordW356
WATOBERG Immigration RecordW316
WATOR Immigration RecordW360
WATOREK Immigration RecordW362
WATOS Immigration RecordW320
WATOSZCZUK Immigration RecordW322
WATOVSKI Immigration RecordW312
WATOWIEN Immigration RecordW350
WATR Immigration RecordW360
WATRAKIEWICZ Immigration RecordW362
WATRAL Immigration RecordW364
WATRALIK Immigration RecordW364
WATRAS Immigration RecordW362
WATRENTORN Immigration RecordW365
WATRICZ Immigration RecordW362
WATROBA WATROBSKI Immigration RecordW361
WATRON Immigration RecordW365
WATROSLAO Immigration RecordW362
WATROUS Immigration RecordW362
WATRUL Immigration RecordW364
WATRYCZ Immigration RecordW362
WATS Immigration RecordW320
WATSCHEFF Immigration RecordW321
WATSEK Immigration RecordW322
WATSER Immigration RecordW326
WATSKEY Immigration RecordW320
WATSON Immigration RecordW325
WATSON BELL Immigration RecordW325
WATSON BRADBURY Immigration RecordW325
WATSON BROWN Immigration RecordW325
WATSON DE BIANCHI Immigration RecordW325
WATSON DE CARLSON Immigration RecordW325
WATSON DUDGEON Immigration RecordW325
WATSON HUTTON Immigration RecordW325
WATSON JOHNSON Immigration RecordW325
WATSON KENNARD Immigration RecordW325
WATSON STARR Immigration RecordW325
WATSON WEMYRS Immigration RecordW325
WATSZL Immigration RecordW324
WATT Immigration RecordW300
WATT CORBETT Immigration RecordW326
WATT DICKIE Immigration RecordW320
WATT¯EZ Immigration RecordW320
WATTA SKRZYDLEWSKA Immigration RecordW326
WATTAY Immigration RecordW300
WATTE Immigration RecordW300
WATTEAN Immigration RecordW350
WATTEAU Immigration RecordW300
WATTECUS Immigration RecordW322
WATTEL Immigration RecordW340
WATTELET Immigration RecordW343
WATTELMACHER Immigration RecordW345
WATTEMBERG Immigration RecordW351
WATTENBERG Immigration RecordW351
WATTENINS Immigration RecordW355
WATTENPOFFER Immigration RecordW351
WATTER Immigration RecordW360
WATTERMAN Immigration RecordW365
WATTERMAUX Immigration RecordW365
WATTEROTH Immigration RecordW363
WATTERS Immigration RecordW362
WATTERSON Immigration RecordW362
WATTESMANN Immigration RecordW325
WATTHAUSEN Immigration RecordW325
WATTIER Immigration RecordW360
WATTIEZ Immigration RecordW320
WATTINE Immigration RecordW350
WATTINGER Immigration RecordW352
WATTINNE Immigration RecordW350
WATTINNE NÉE RASSON Immigration RecordW355
WATTINNR Immigration RecordW356
WATTIUBERG Immigration RecordW316
WATTLES Immigration RecordW342
WATTNIK Immigration RecordW352
WATTO Immigration RecordW300
WATTOFF Immigration RecordW310
WATTON Immigration RecordW350
WATTOS Immigration RecordW320
WATTOVAZ Immigration RecordW312
WATTS Immigration RecordW320
WATTS TWEEDY Immigration RecordW323
WATTSTEIN Immigration RecordW323
WATTUONE Immigration RecordW350
WATTVUP Immigration RecordW311
WATUJEWICZ Immigration RecordW322
WATUN Immigration RecordW350
WATUSZKO Immigration RecordW320
WATWJENKO Immigration RecordW325
WATYCHA Immigration RecordW320
WATYLYK Immigration RecordW342
WATZ Immigration RecordW320
WATZEL Immigration RecordW324
WATZEMBORN Immigration RecordW325
WATZIG Immigration RecordW322
WATZINGER Immigration RecordW325
WATZKE Immigration RecordW320
WATZL Immigration RecordW324
WATZLAVIK Immigration RecordW324
WATZLAWIK Immigration RecordW324
WATZNAUER Immigration RecordW325
WATZOLD Immigration RecordW324
WAU Immigration RecordW000
WAU CHOG Immigration RecordW220
WAU JUK Immigration RecordW220
WAUCHOLOKY Immigration RecordW242
WAUD Immigration RecordW300
WAUDBY Immigration RecordW310
WAUDEWODE Immigration RecordW330
WAUDKE Immigration RecordW320
WAUER Immigration RecordW600
WAUFMAM Immigration RecordW155
WAUGH Immigration RecordW200
WAUGHER Immigration RecordW260
WAUKLYN Immigration RecordW245
WAULA Immigration RecordW400
WAUMAM Immigration RecordW550
WAUMURA Immigration RecordW560
WAUNER Immigration RecordW560
WAUNNES Immigration RecordW520
WAUNONSE Immigration RecordW552
WAUPOTITSCH Immigration RecordW133
WAUR Immigration RecordW600
WAURICH Immigration RecordW620
WAURR Immigration RecordW600
WAURZYNIAK Immigration RecordW625
WAURZYNIEC Immigration RecordW625
WAUSARD Immigration RecordW263
WAUSIT Immigration RecordW230
WAUSOL Immigration RecordW240
WAUTELET Immigration RecordW343
WAUTERS Immigration RecordW362
WAUTEY DE CONEN Immigration RecordW332
WAUTHIEN Immigration RecordW350
WAUTHIER Immigration RecordW360
WAVANCIES Immigration RecordW152
WAVBURG Immigration RecordW162
WAVCKE Immigration RecordW120
WAVD Immigration RecordW130
WAVE Immigration RecordW100
WAVENEKI Immigration RecordW152
WAVENYCIA Immigration RecordW152
WAVERIN Immigration RecordW165
WAVERRO Immigration RecordW160
WAVES Immigration RecordW120
WAVIHA Immigration RecordW100
WAVILOWAKY Immigration RecordW142
WAVING Immigration RecordW152
WAVISH Immigration RecordW120
WAVNBRG Immigration RecordW151
WAVNOWIOSKI Immigration RecordW152
WAVOLNY Immigration RecordW145
WAVRIN Immigration RecordW165
WAVROUS Immigration RecordW162
WAVVA Immigration RecordW100
WAVZEI Immigration RecordW120
WAW Immigration RecordW000
WAWCZYNIEC Immigration RecordW252
WAWCZYNOW Immigration RecordW250
WAWCZYSZUK Immigration RecordW222
WAWECH Immigration RecordW200
WAWELUK Immigration RecordW420
WAWER Immigration RecordW600
WAWEYSZYN Immigration RecordW250
WAWGH Immigration RecordW200
WAWI Immigration RecordW000
WAWIERSKA Immigration RecordW620
WAWK Immigration RecordW200
WAWKYNIUK Immigration RecordW252
WAWN DE BRYDON Immigration RecordW531
WAWOZEMICH Immigration RecordW252
WAWRA Immigration RecordW600
WAWRENCZUK Immigration RecordW652
WAWRENIUK Immigration RecordW652
WAWRENTY Immigration RecordW653
WAWRIC Immigration RecordW620
WAWRICIEWICZ Immigration RecordW622
WAWRICIUK Immigration RecordW622
WAWRICO Immigration RecordW620
WAWRIW Immigration RecordW600
WAWRO Immigration RecordW600
WAWROWSKI Immigration RecordW620
WAWRUNIAK Immigration RecordW652
WAWRYCZUK Immigration RecordW622
WAWRYK Immigration RecordW620
WAWRYLIUK Immigration RecordW642
WAWRYN Immigration RecordW650
WAWRYNCZAK Immigration RecordW652
WAWRYNCZUK Immigration RecordW652
WAWRYNIEC Immigration RecordW652
WAWRYNIECZ Immigration RecordW652
WAWRYNILIUK Immigration RecordW654
WAWRYNISK Immigration RecordW652
WAWRYNIUK Immigration RecordW652
WAWRYNIUK POTAPUIK Immigration RecordW652
WAWRYNNIK Immigration RecordW652
WAWRYSZCZUK Immigration RecordW622
WAWRYTAW Immigration RecordW630
WAWRZAK Immigration RecordW622
WAWRZENIEC Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZINIEC Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZKO Immigration RecordW620
WAWRZKOW Immigration RecordW620
WAWRZONIAK Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYK Immigration RecordW622
WAWRZYNAIK Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYNCZAK Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYNCZYK Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYNIAK Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYNICE Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYNIEA Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYNIEC Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYNIER Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYNIUK Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYNOM Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYNOW Immigration RecordW625
WAWRZYNSKI Immigration RecordW625
WAWSCHITZKI Immigration RecordW232
WAWSZCZYK Immigration RecordW220
WAWSZEZYK Immigration RecordW222
WAWSZKIEWICZ Immigration RecordW220
WAWSZYNIEC Immigration RecordW252
WAWZAROSKY Immigration RecordW262
WAWZYNIEC Immigration RecordW252
WAWZYNVIK Immigration RecordW251
WAWZYSZCZUK Immigration RecordW222
WAX Immigration RecordW200
WAXEMBERG Immigration RecordW251
WAXFIGOUR Immigration RecordW212
WAXLER Immigration RecordW246
WAXMAN Immigration RecordW255
WAXMANN Immigration RecordW255
WAXMEILER Immigration RecordW254
WAXSMAN Immigration RecordW255
WAY Immigration RecordW000
WAYA Immigration RecordW000
WAYANT Immigration RecordW530
WAYCICHOROSKI Immigration RecordW226
WAYCOTT Immigration RecordW230
WAYDA Immigration RecordW300
WAYEUHEIM Immigration RecordW500
WAYEZUELAI Immigration RecordW240
WAYHORN Immigration RecordW650
WAYLAND Immigration RecordW453
WAYLE Immigration RecordW400
WAYMAN Immigration RecordW550
WAYMANN Immigration RecordW550
WAYMESTER Immigration RecordW523
WAYMOUTH Immigration RecordW530
WAYNE Immigration RecordW500
WAYNER Immigration RecordW560
WAYNSTEIN Immigration RecordW523
WAYNSZTAJN Immigration RecordW523
WAYNYSMANN Immigration RecordW525
WAYOUB Immigration RecordW100
WAYRE Immigration RecordW600
WAYS Immigration RecordW200
WAYSBAUM Immigration RecordW215
WAYSE Immigration RecordW200
WAYSGRAYS Immigration RecordW262
WAYSO Immigration RecordW200
WAYSSE Immigration RecordW200
WAYSSIE Immigration RecordW200
WAYT Immigration RecordW300
WAYTHKUS Immigration RecordW322
WAYZUL Immigration RecordW240
WAZ Immigration RecordW200
WAZA Immigration RecordW200
WAZAK Immigration RecordW220
WAZANI Immigration RecordW250
WAZARKOW Immigration RecordW262
WAZBUCKA Immigration RecordW212
WAZELLI Immigration RecordW240
WAZER Immigration RecordW260
WAZEUS Immigration RecordW220
WAZIKA Immigration RecordW220
WAZIL Immigration RecordW240
WAZILENVITZ Immigration RecordW245
WAZLO Immigration RecordW240
WAZMANN Immigration RecordW255
WAZNER Immigration RecordW256
WAZNI Immigration RecordW250
WAZNIAK DE BETLINSKY Immigration RecordW252
WAZNICA Immigration RecordW252
WAZNIUK Immigration RecordW252
WAZNO Immigration RecordW250
WAZNY Immigration RecordW250
WAZNYI Immigration RecordW250
WAZOJCIK Immigration RecordW222
WAZYLUK Immigration RecordW242
WAZZA Immigration RecordW200
WAZZALA Immigration RecordW240
WAZZAN Immigration RecordW250
WAZZANE Immigration RecordW250
WAZZNER Immigration RecordW256
WAZZONE Immigration RecordW250
WBADAN Immigration RecordW135
WBBERGHE Immigration RecordW162
WBENIGARTRER Immigration RecordW152
WBICES Immigration RecordW122
WBLE Immigration RecordW140
WBRACHT Immigration RecordW162
WBROBEL Immigration RecordW161
WCA Immigration RecordW200
WCAZ GANGEZ Immigration RecordW225
WCEGEL Immigration RecordW224
WCHALEY Immigration RecordW240
WCHENGER Immigration RecordW252
WCHETE Immigration RecordW230
WCHITTIE Immigration RecordW230
WCHMER Immigration RecordW256
WCHNEMANN Immigration RecordW255
WCHURCYER Immigration RecordW262
WCIPHAHN Immigration RecordW215
WCISLO Immigration RecordW224
WCTASUN Immigration RecordW232
WDASIUK Immigration RecordW322
WDBOLTSHANSEN Immigration RecordW314
WDEBOELLCHEN Immigration RecordW314
WDLSON Immigration RecordW342
WDMAN Immigration RecordW355
WDMUBD RENDLE Immigration RecordW351
WDNAND Immigration RecordW355
WDOCOZORO Immigration RecordW322
WDONOZCNKO Immigration RecordW352
WDOVIN Immigration RecordW315
WDOWIAK Immigration RecordW320
WDOWICKI Immigration RecordW320
WDOWICZENKO Immigration RecordW325
WDOWIK Immigration RecordW320
WDOWIN Immigration RecordW350
WDOWINSKI Immigration RecordW352
WDOWYCZYR Immigration RecordW326
WDOZONVINK Immigration RecordW325
WDULIT Immigration RecordW343
WDZIEKONSKI Immigration RecordW322
WE Immigration RecordW000
WE(INC.) Immigration RecordW520
WEA Immigration RecordW000
WEAD Immigration RecordW300
WEADER Immigration RecordW360
WEAISSFISCH Immigration RecordW212
WEAIT Immigration RecordW300
WEAK Immigration RecordW200
WEAMSON Immigration RecordW525
WEANER Immigration RecordW560
WEARN Immigration RecordW650
WEARNE Immigration RecordW650
WEAS Immigration RecordW200
WEATCOTT Immigration RecordW323
WEATERGAARD Immigration RecordW362
WEATHERHEAD Immigration RecordW363
WEATHERLEY Immigration RecordW364
WEATHERLEY MARRIOTT Immigration RecordW364
WEATHERSTON FRANCES Immigration RecordW362
WEATHERSTONO Immigration RecordW362
WEATLI Immigration RecordW340
WEAVAN Immigration RecordW150
WEAVER Immigration RecordW160
WEAVERS Immigration RecordW162
WEB Immigration RecordW100
WEBAHR Immigration RecordW160
WEBANIE Immigration RecordW150
WEBATER Immigration RecordW136
WEBB Immigration RecordW100
WEBBE Immigration RecordW100
WEBBER Immigration RecordW160
WEBBI Immigration RecordW100
WEBCHISTERN Immigration RecordW122
WEBE Immigration RecordW100
WEBEL Immigration RecordW140
WEBELE Immigration RecordW140
WEBER Immigration RecordW160
WEBER COLL Immigration RecordW162
WEBER DE AMUNATEGUI Immigration RecordW163
WEBER DE BECK Immigration RecordW163
WEBER DE BOLTHAUSER Immigration RecordW163
WEBER DE LAS HERAS Immigration RecordW163
WEBER DE PALUMBO Immigration RecordW163
WEBER DE SZOBEL Immigration RecordW163
WEBER DE VON BERNARD Immigration RecordW163
WEBER FRITZ Immigration RecordW161
WEBER GAROGLIO Immigration RecordW162
WEBER GJERLOV Immigration RecordW162
WEBER GRADE Immigration RecordW162
WEBERG Immigration RecordW162
WEBERHEFER Immigration RecordW161
WEBERING Immigration RecordW165
WEBERLING Immigration RecordW164
WEBERMAN Immigration RecordW165
WEBERMANN Immigration RecordW165
WEBEROWA Immigration RecordW160
WEBERR Immigration RecordW160
WEBERS Immigration RecordW162
WEBERSZPIL Immigration RecordW162
WEBERT Immigration RecordW163
WEBES Immigration RecordW120
WEBESO Immigration RecordW120
WEBETER Immigration RecordW136
WEBEV Immigration RecordW110
WEBEY Immigration RecordW100
WEBHE Immigration RecordW100
WEBI R Immigration RecordW160
WEBINSTEIN Immigration RecordW152
WEBIR Immigration RecordW160
WEBIS Immigration RecordW120
WEBLER Immigration RecordW146
WEBLERLEY Immigration RecordW146
WEBNER Immigration RecordW156
WEBRN RHODES Immigration RecordW165
WEBSTER Immigration RecordW123
WEBSTER HADDY Immigration RecordW123
WEBSTER MANUOL Immigration RecordW123
WEBSTER SANCHEZ Immigration RecordW123
WEBSTEV MARCEL Immigration RecordW123
WEBT Immigration RecordW130
WEBTER Immigration RecordW136
WEBWR Immigration RecordW160
WEC Immigration RecordW200
WECCHI Immigration RecordW200
WECER Immigration RecordW260
WECHELE Immigration RecordW240
WECHER Immigration RecordW260
WECHICHIAN Immigration RecordW225
WECHIO Immigration RecordW200
WECHLER Immigration RecordW246
WECHLIN Immigration RecordW245
WECHLO Immigration RecordW240
WECHMANN Immigration RecordW255
WECHRAUCH Immigration RecordW262
WECHSBERG Immigration RecordW216
WECHSELBERG Immigration RecordW241
WECHSELBERGER Immigration RecordW241
WECHSELBLATT Immigration RecordW241
WECHSELMANN Immigration RecordW245
WECHSER Immigration RecordW260
WECHSLARSKI Immigration RecordW246
WECHSLAWSKI Immigration RecordW242
WECHSLER Immigration RecordW246
WECHSLER DE SANDER Immigration RecordW246
WECHSLER KRAUS Immigration RecordW246
WECHSLIARSEW Immigration RecordW246
WECHSTER Immigration RecordW236
WECHTER Immigration RecordW236
WECHURIE Immigration RecordW260
WECHUSER Immigration RecordW226
WECIERKO Immigration RecordW262
WECK Immigration RecordW200
WECKBACH Immigration RecordW212
WECKE Immigration RecordW200
WECKEL Immigration RecordW240
WECKELL Immigration RecordW240
WECKEMANN Immigration RecordW255
WECKEN Immigration RecordW250
WECKER Immigration RecordW260
WECKERBOT Immigration RecordW261
WECKERLE Immigration RecordW264
WECKERLIN DE MAREZ O Immigration RecordW264
WECKESSER Immigration RecordW226
WECKL Immigration RecordW240
WECKMANN Immigration RecordW255
WECKMERTH Immigration RecordW256
WECKS Immigration RecordW200
WECKSE Immigration RecordW200
WECKSLER Immigration RecordW246
WECKSSER Immigration RecordW260
WECKSTEIN Immigration RecordW235
WECKWERTH Immigration RecordW263
WECLAS Immigration RecordW242
WECLER Immigration RecordW246
WECSCHOWIKA Immigration RecordW220
WECTAWIK Immigration RecordW232
WECZACKES Immigration RecordW222
WECZENBECK Immigration RecordW251
WECZERA Immigration RecordW260
WECZEREBIN Immigration RecordW261
WECZERKO Immigration RecordW262
WECZERYNSKI Immigration RecordW265
WED Immigration RecordW300
WEDAHL Immigration RecordW340
WEDAM Immigration RecordW350
WEDAT Immigration RecordW330
WEDBORG Immigration RecordW316
WEDD Immigration RecordW300
WEDDELL Immigration RecordW340
WEDDER Immigration RecordW360
WEDDERBURN Immigration RecordW361
WEDDERKEPP Immigration RecordW362
WEDDERSPON Immigration RecordW362
WEDDERSPOON Immigration RecordW362
WEDEAT Immigration RecordW330
WEDECKAMBERG Immigration RecordW325
WEDEKAMPER Immigration RecordW325
WEDEKANFER Immigration RecordW325
WEDEKIND Immigration RecordW325
WEDEL Immigration RecordW340
WEDEL JARRSBERG Immigration RecordW342
WEDEL-DECKER Immigration RecordW343
WEDELES Immigration RecordW342
WEDELESS Immigration RecordW342
WEDELIS Immigration RecordW342
WEDELL Immigration RecordW340
WEDELL- RATZLAFF Immigration RecordW346
WEDELTOFT Immigration RecordW343
WEDENFELD Immigration RecordW351
WEDENKINE Immigration RecordW352
WEDER Immigration RecordW360
WEDERCZUK Immigration RecordW362
WEDERHOFF Immigration RecordW361
WEDERNIKOW Immigration RecordW365
WEDERT Immigration RecordW363
WEDERTZ Immigration RecordW363
WEDESMANN Immigration RecordW325
WEDEWEZ Immigration RecordW320
WEDJIMANN Immigration RecordW325
WEDKIND ZUR HORST Immigration RecordW325
WEDLAKE Immigration RecordW342
WEDLER Immigration RecordW346
WEDLER- JANZ Immigration RecordW346
WEDLICK Immigration RecordW342
WEDMANN Immigration RecordW355
WEDMAR Immigration RecordW356
WEDMEDIUK Immigration RecordW353
WEDMER Immigration RecordW356
WEDNER Immigration RecordW356
WEDOOM Immigration RecordW350
WEDOSLYTKO Immigration RecordW324
WEDROLNIK Immigration RecordW364
WEDROMISK Immigration RecordW365
WEDROURNK Immigration RecordW366
WEDROWICK Immigration RecordW362
WEDWORD Immigration RecordW363
WEDZUZKY Immigration RecordW322
WEEBER Immigration RecordW160
WEECK Immigration RecordW200
WEED Immigration RecordW300
WEEDEN Immigration RecordW350
WEEDON Immigration RecordW350
WEEGE Immigration RecordW200
WEEGMAN Immigration RecordW255
WEEGMANN Immigration RecordW255
WEEK Immigration RecordW200
WEEKAMP Immigration RecordW251
WEEKES Immigration RecordW220
WEEKLEY Immigration RecordW240
WEEKS Immigration RecordW200
WEEKSTRON Immigration RecordW236
WEELLES Immigration RecordW420
WEELS Immigration RecordW420
WEEMBERK Immigration RecordW516
WEEMS Immigration RecordW520
WEENER Immigration RecordW560
WEENIBUY Immigration RecordW510
WEEPLE Immigration RecordW140
WEERER Immigration RecordW660
WEERMANL Immigration RecordW655
WEERMANS Immigration RecordW655
WEERNY Immigration RecordW650
WEERS Immigration RecordW620
WEERT Immigration RecordW630
WEERTH Immigration RecordW630
WEESCHOWER Immigration RecordW260
WEESE Immigration RecordW200
WEESER Immigration RecordW260
WEESGEEST Immigration RecordW223
WEESING Immigration RecordW252
WEETIZCHE Immigration RecordW320
WEEWER Immigration RecordW600
WEFER Immigration RecordW160
WEFERLING Immigration RecordW164
WEFERS Immigration RecordW162
WEFF Immigration RecordW100
WEFFERLI Immigration RecordW164
WEFRING Immigration RecordW165
WEFSELHAFT Immigration RecordW124
WEFUENDEZ Immigration RecordW153
WEG Immigration RecordW200
WEGA Immigration RecordW200
WEGALA Immigration RecordW240
WEGBECHER Immigration RecordW212
WEGE Immigration RecordW200
WEGEDUS Immigration RecordW232
WEGEER Immigration RecordW260
WEGEL Immigration RecordW240
WEGELE Immigration RecordW240
WEGELENE Immigration RecordW245
WEGELIN Immigration RecordW245
WEGEMAN Immigration RecordW255
WEGEMER Immigration RecordW256
WEGEN Immigration RecordW250
WEGENER Immigration RecordW256
WEGENEZ DE FERRO Immigration RecordW252
WEGER Immigration RecordW260
WEGERA Immigration RecordW260
WEGERAK Immigration RecordW262
WEGERER Immigration RecordW266
WEGERICH Immigration RecordW262
WEGERLE Immigration RecordW264
WEGERT Immigration RecordW263
WEGG Immigration RecordW200
WEGGEN Immigration RecordW250
WEGGERT Immigration RecordW263
WEGGESSER Immigration RecordW226
WEGGI Immigration RecordW200
WEGH Immigration RecordW200
WEGHER Immigration RecordW260
WEGHEZ Immigration RecordW220
WEGHIN Immigration RecordW250
WEGHORN Immigration RecordW265
WEGHSLER Immigration RecordW246
WEGIEL Immigration RecordW240
WEGIER Immigration RecordW260
WEGIERSKA Immigration RecordW262
WEGIERSKI Immigration RecordW262
WEGLAND Immigration RecordW245
WEGLARZ Immigration RecordW246
WEGLIN Immigration RecordW245
WEGLINSKI Immigration RecordW245
WEGLIUSKI Immigration RecordW242
WEGLOWSKI Immigration RecordW242
WEGMACHER Immigration RecordW252
WEGMAN Immigration RecordW255
WEGMANN Immigration RecordW255
WEGMEYER Immigration RecordW256
WEGMILLER Immigration RecordW254
WEGMITTEI Immigration RecordW253
WEGMUELLER Immigration RecordW254
WEGMULLER Immigration RecordW254
WEGNER Immigration RecordW256
WEGNEROWAI Immigration RecordW256
WEGNRE Immigration RecordW256
WEGNS Immigration RecordW252
WEGNUELLER Immigration RecordW254
WEGOROWSKI Immigration RecordW262
WEGORZ Immigration RecordW262
WEGRI Immigration RecordW260
WEGROVOSKI Immigration RecordW261
WEGROW Immigration RecordW260
WEGROWICZ Immigration RecordW262
WEGROWSKA Immigration RecordW262
WEGROWSKI Immigration RecordW262
WEGRZIN Immigration RecordW262
WEGRZYN Immigration RecordW262
WEGRZYNIAK Immigration RecordW262
WEGRZYNOWICZ Immigration RecordW262
WEGRZYNOWSKA Immigration RecordW262
WEGRZYNOWSKI Immigration RecordW262
WEGSCHEIDER Immigration RecordW236
WEGSZYN Immigration RecordW250
WEGTS Immigration RecordW232
WEGUER Immigration RecordW260
WEGWLIN Immigration RecordW245
WEHAK Immigration RecordW200
WEHAPP Immigration RecordW100
WEHB Immigration RecordW100
WEHBE Immigration RecordW100
WEHBE HAJE Immigration RecordW120
WEHBE SALEH Immigration RecordW124
WEHBE SIMAN Immigration RecordW125
WEHBER Immigration RecordW160
WEHBERG Immigration RecordW162
WEHBI Immigration RecordW100
WEHCHINGER Immigration RecordW252
WEHE Immigration RecordW000
WEHEFRITZ Immigration RecordW163
WEHEIBA Immigration RecordW100
WEHER Immigration RecordW600
WEHERFRITZ Immigration RecordW616
WEHFRITZ Immigration RecordW163
WEHIEL Immigration RecordW400
WEHILE Immigration RecordW400
WEHINGER Immigration RecordW526
WEHKING Immigration RecordW252
WEHKLI Immigration RecordW240
WEHL Immigration RecordW400
WEHLAND Immigration RecordW453
WEHLE Immigration RecordW400
WEHLI Immigration RecordW400
WEHLIE Immigration RecordW400
WEHLING Immigration RecordW452
WEHMAJER Immigration RecordW526
WEHMEIER Immigration RecordW560
WEHMEYER Immigration RecordW560
WEHMEYER MORAHT Immigration RecordW565
WEHMILLER Immigration RecordW546
WEHN Immigration RecordW500
WEHNCKE Immigration RecordW520
WEHNE Immigration RecordW500
WEHNEMANN Immigration RecordW555
WEHNER Immigration RecordW560
WEHNERT Immigration RecordW563
WEHNKE Immigration RecordW520
WEHNR Immigration RecordW560
WEHNSER Immigration RecordW526
WEHOLAHN Immigration RecordW450
WEHRBERGER Immigration RecordW616
WEHREN Immigration RecordW650
WEHREND Immigration RecordW653
WEHRENS Immigration RecordW652
WEHRFMAN Immigration RecordW615
WEHRHAHN Immigration RecordW650
WEHRHAHU Immigration RecordW600
WEHRHAN Immigration RecordW650
WEHRHAR Immigration RecordW660
WEHRHAU Immigration RecordW600
WEHRIRLIN Immigration RecordW664
WEHRKAMP NEBEL Immigration RecordW625
WEHRLE Immigration RecordW640
WEHRLI Immigration RecordW640
WEHRLY Immigration RecordW640
WEHRMANN Immigration RecordW655
WEHRMELLER Immigration RecordW654
WEHRSCHMIAT Immigration RecordW625
WEHRSE Immigration RecordW620
WEHRT Immigration RecordW630
WEHRUNG Immigration RecordW652
WEHRWERGER Immigration RecordW662
WEHSLER Immigration RecordW246
WEHT Immigration RecordW300
WEHTJE Immigration RecordW320
WEHTMAN Immigration RecordW355
WEHV Immigration RecordW100
WEHVEN Immigration RecordW150
WEHVLE Immigration RecordW140
WEI Immigration RecordW000
WEIAS Immigration RecordW200
WEIB Immigration RecordW100
WEIB DE GINTER Immigration RecordW132
WEIBAUM Immigration RecordW150
WEIBE Immigration RecordW100
WEIBEL Immigration RecordW140
WEIBER Immigration RecordW160
WEIBERT Immigration RecordW163
WEIBIER Immigration RecordW160
WEIBLEN Immigration RecordW145
WEIBNER Immigration RecordW156
WEIBOAN Immigration RecordW150
WEIBROCK Immigration RecordW162
WEIBSCHNEIDER Immigration RecordW125
WEIBULL Immigration RecordW140
WEIBZEN Immigration RecordW125
WEICEL Immigration RecordW240
WEICER Immigration RecordW260
WEICH Immigration RecordW200
WEICHAND Immigration RecordW253
WEICHANDT Immigration RecordW253
WEICHARD Immigration RecordW263
WEICHARDT Immigration RecordW263
WEICHAZDT Immigration RecordW223
WEICHBRRGER Immigration RecordW216
WEICHEL Immigration RecordW240
WEICHELT Immigration RecordW243
WEICHELTT Immigration RecordW243
WEICHENHAIN Immigration RecordW255
WEICHERT Immigration RecordW263
WEICHHART Immigration RecordW263
WEICHHERZ Immigration RecordW262
WEICHMANN Immigration RecordW255
WEICHOLD Immigration RecordW243
WEICHRT Immigration RecordW263
WEICHS Immigration RecordW200
WEICHSEL Immigration RecordW240
WEICHSELBAUM Immigration RecordW241
WEICHSELBERGER Immigration RecordW241
WEICHSLER Immigration RecordW246
WEICHT Immigration RecordW230
WEICHTMANN Immigration RecordW235
WEICHTRDT Immigration RecordW236
WEICKENTHEIN Immigration RecordW253
WEICMAN Immigration RecordW255
WEID Immigration RecordW300
WEIDARK Immigration RecordW362
WEIDAUER Immigration RecordW360
WEIDCLICH Immigration RecordW324
WEIDDER Immigration RecordW360
WEIDE Immigration RecordW300
WEIDEFELDER Immigration RecordW314
WEIDEL Immigration RecordW340
WEIDELI Immigration RecordW340
WEIDELICH Immigration RecordW342
WEIDEMANN Immigration RecordW355
WEIDEN Immigration RecordW350
WEIDENBACH Immigration RecordW351
WEIDENBACHER Immigration RecordW351
WEIDENBACKER Immigration RecordW351
WEIDENBAUM Immigration RecordW351
WEIDENBERG Immigration RecordW351
WEIDENBERGER Immigration RecordW351
WEIDENBORNER Immigration RecordW351
WEIDENER Immigration RecordW356
WEIDENHAMER Immigration RecordW355
WEIDENHAMMER Immigration RecordW355
WEIDENHILLER Immigration RecordW354
WEIDENHILLINGER Immigration RecordW354
WEIDENMANN Immigration RecordW355
WEIDENSLAUFER Immigration RecordW352
WEIDENTACKER Immigration RecordW353
WEIDERMAN Immigration RecordW365
WEIDERMANN Immigration RecordW365
WEIDERMILLER Immigration RecordW365
WEIDGANS Immigration RecordW325
WEIDIG Immigration RecordW320
WEIDIN Immigration RecordW350
WEIDING Immigration RecordW352
WEIDINGER Immigration RecordW352
WEIDLE Immigration RecordW340
WEIDLER Immigration RecordW346
WEIDLICH Immigration RecordW342
WEIDLITZ Immigration RecordW343